Thanksgiving Week In Review!

I've been a little MIA and that was intentional... I wanted to unplug last week and just enjoy time with family...

Here is what we've been up to...

Monday Bryan let me have a little night out to myself. I got a Starbucks and got my nails done. It was also the first time I'd been out of sweats/workout clothes in a while, so I documented it.

I love my new festive holiday nails! Tuesday I went running with my friends and had a really hard time changing clothes and showering afterwards. Since we're just two weeks away from our next half marathon I feel like I've been living in my running clothes.
Wednesday morning we headed north to G-Pa and CJ's house and I found my favorite blue-eyed nephew! Everyone thinks he looks so much like Rhett, but I think he looks like his daddy...
Jordan and I spent the whole afternoon in the kitchen together making Janet's signature meal that we used to have every Sunday after church (Brisket!). Kim helped us too! It was really really good time spent together and we talked about how proud Janet would have been of us for pulling the whole meal off alone!
Thursday I woke up early and got my booty back in the kitchen. I made Bryan's Grandma's famous Banana Cake and Green Bean Casserole. Bryan smoked our Turkey and it was SO good and we headed back to Joplin to spend the day with Bryan's family.
 Oh and I ran 4 miles on Thanksgiving morning.
I stole this picture from CJ, but love it! My hubby did amazing on the turkey and all our family at the table!!

Rhett napped during Thanksgiving lunch. Made it easier on everyone that way! :)

Loved getting to spend time with these girls! I am SO proud of the amazing young women that they have become and I cannot believe they're about to go to college. I got the privilege of becoming their aunt 7 years ago and love them SO much!! My favorite twinnies ever!
Friday we put up our big Christmas tree. I'd be lying if I said it didn't give me a little anxiety with little hands helping, but I ended up sitting on the floor and handing them ornaments to put on.
We saw all the cousins one last time. Our boys had such a blast with them this week! Wish we got to see these kiddos more often!
 And Jordan helped me finish the tree. I love how it turned out!
I am NOT a black friday shopper-- it gives me anxiety so... my one Black Friday purchase was registering for the Bentonville half marathon. They offered $10 off a ticket.... so I bucked up and decided to go for it! It will be half marathon number 4!

....I'll post the weekend review tomorrow! Happy Sunday! :)


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