Debt Payoff-- Month 3!!

Well we have been on our Dave Ramsey budget now for three months. I am so excited to say that we've paid off a total of $9820!!!

The last two months we've sat down together and agreed on our budgets... so far we've had two "kind of" fights about our budget and spending. One being about buying an expensive Brisket-- I'll let you decide who was upset about that one... and the other because we agreed not to buy each other Christmas presents and I bought something for Bryan anyways (which I then returned...).

We ended up paying more off in December than I thought we were going to be able to. We also cash flowed a clutch repair on our Jeep that cost us a pretty penny. December was hard because of Christmas gifts, extra food costs, parties... etc. And I went away on a Girl's weekend last weekend but we've basically stuck to our all cash system and it seems to be working well for us!
Friends of mine have been supporting my Starbucks habit. I had two separate friends bless me with Starbucks gift cards this month... and I'm down to a balance of $1.53 on my card so I'll be sitting there until I can add my $25 Starbucks budget in January... unless anyone else wants to send me a Starbucks gift card... ;) *kidding!!

This journey has been an interesting one. It honestly hasn't been super difficult so far. Just being more cautious about what we are spending and where our money is going. Lots more eating at home and eating left overs.  I got some of the boy's big gifts for Christmas off of our local yard sale site (things that are almost BRAND new) instead of paying retail. Bryan and I aren't doing gifts for each other... our Anniversary is the week after Christmas and we are saving that money for a nice date night. I got our family more "practical" gifts this year... I also listen to Dave Ramsey's podcast EVERY single day and it keeps me motivated. I get chills and teary-eyed when I hear people do their debt free scream because if everything keeps going this direction we'll be DEBT FREE (other than our house) in 2016!!! Everything is so dependent on our budget and communication. Two things we weren't doing with our money before starting this journey- it's been SO good for us. Also we've been honoring God with our money and He has been SO good to us!

I am so thankful for my "little" BeachBody gig that provides me a full time income, with part time work, all staying home with my babies. Almost all of the money that I am with Beachbody every month goes to paying down our debt snowball! If you're interested in a little second job, where you make your own hours and do as much or little as you want, let me know! I'm starting an internship in January so now is THE perfect time to join and get things going as we look into 2016! we will be going into the new year with almost $10,000 less in debt. I'd say we are doing pretty good and on track to have us debt free before my 30th birthday in September, which has been my goal all along! hip hip hooray!

Happy Thursday!


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