Hammer and Chisel Day ONE!

I woke up yesterday to Bryan working out at 5:30 to Hammer and Chisel. I think he is more excited than I am about it releasing. The meal plan is almost identical to 21 day fix extreme for me, but the cool thing about Hammer and Chisel is that you get three choices, losing weight, maintaining but toning or gaining muscle. I did the first work out yesterday too and followed it up with a four mile run and I am FEELING it this morning. I did my measurements, weight and am ready to go for this 60 days. I thought about waiting until after Christmas but my plan is to stick as closely to this as I can for the 60 days, why wait?! Release day was one of the biggest in BB history and BeachBody is giving $5 of every sale of Hammer and Chisel to Upward Bound House, a nonprofit to help end homelessness. That's AMAZING. I love this company.

What is The Master's Hammer and Chisel? It's a 60-day total-body transformation program that helps you craft a defined, jaw-dropping physique using breakthrough resistance training. You will sculpt your body into a masterpiece with 14 brand-new workouts from celebrity trainers and winning fitness competitors, Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese.
How does The Master's Hammer and Chisel work? You'll focus on building muscle, power, and strength with The Master's Hammer workouts and trainer Sagi Kalev, while you shed fat and sculpt definition with The Master's Chisel workouts and trainer Autumn Calabrese. Plus, it includes a dedicated modifier who demonstrates moves at a lower intensity and adapts exercises for those with limited access to equipment.

I did well following my meal plan yesterday. I had Shakeology after my work out, a salad for lunch and made Bryan and I the most DELISH dinner last night. This recipe is in the Hammer and Chisel booklet. It's chicken stuffed sweet potatoes! SO good!! Then we had "Cinnamon Apples" for dessert. You chop an apple and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes with some cinnamon (and stevia if you want). Hit the sweet tooth but still healthy and delicious!
Hammer and Chisel is on AMAZING sale right now since it just released and it is SO fun. It comes with 12 different workouts so you won't get bored and it's the perfect program for husbands and wives to do together! My husband isn't a fan of working out and he is LOVING it.

I'm offering a $20 gift card to the first three Hammer and Chisel Challenge Packs in December. You can email me for more info! We will have a support group starting in January, but I'm in one now if you want to start right away, I can add you to it! Plus you get custom meal plans to help take the guess work out of it!

Hope you have a blessed Friday! Thanks so much for all of the prayers, Bryan and I are traveling for the funeral today for the family of our close friends and my dad is doing well after taking his radiation treatment. Still battling nausea but managed to keep the pill down. Thanks for praying!!


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