Thanksgiving Weekend In Review!

Bryan had off Wednesday-Friday and we spent the majority of that time in Joplin with family so on Saturday we decided to spend the day with the boys. I got up and showered before they were up so we could surprise them and head out for our fun day!
We went to the Amazeum first. We are so lucky to have two state of the art museums in our town. We bought the membership for the Amazeum so we get to go an hour before it opens on Saturdays. There was NO one there for the first hour so we basically got the place to ourself. When it actually opened it got SO much busier. They have a new dinosaur exhibit which our boys loved.

They have lots of cool science things and an amazing log cabin with all of the farm stuff. You can milk a cow, get eggs from Chickens and pick apple and vegetables out of the garden and take them in the little cabin and make a stew!

They also have a mini-Walmart inside (welcome to Wal-Mart country!). Bryan helped Hudson be the checker (the register is touch screen and really works-- SO cool!).

Then we played with cool building block things! We spent an hour and a half at the museum and had so much fun!
Then we went and checked out a new Neighborhood Market downtown.... again, welcome to Walmart Country... and headed to see "The Good Dinosaur". I honestly had higher hopes and was kind of disappointed. It was really sad and I think a little too scary for my little ones but they seemed to enjoy it.
The we came home for naps and Bryan and Hudson started a Star Wars marathon. We did showers and put on matching Christmas jammies (the ones from last year still fit!!!) and the boys got to open one present. I wrapped all of our Christmas books and am letting them open one a night between now and Christmas. Last night was our Elf on the Shelf... my boys were thrilled to see "Yem" again.
 This is about as good as my pictures got. They were a LITTTTTLE excited to open a present.
...When I put Hudson to bed he told me that we had had "a really great day". Warmed my heart and I agreed. It was a great family day!!!

Sunday morning we got up and I made us a big breakfast and then we sat at the table and did Sunday School time.
 Then I met Rebecca and Katy to run our 11 miles in the 40 degree rain. Hardcore runners, we are.
Then I came home and sat on my booty while I watched my husband workout. I am SOOOO excited because we are doing Hammer and Chisel together, it officially releases TODAY! It's a 60 day program with workouts and meal plan with TWO trainers (Sagi and Autumn). I cannot wait to officially get my hands on a copy- we've been doing the two workouts on BeachBody on Demand and love it so far! It's on sale for December. I'll be running a test group in January, so now is a great time to get it in to start with in January (OR SOONER!).
These are all real life people with real life results. They were the test group participants, and some of them are coaches I know! SO amazing! I can't wait to get my own results! You can email me for more info!

Then we had Narrative on Sunday night and it was so great. We are really enjoying what the Lord is doing through our lives with this change. We had a super weekend, I hope you did too!!


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