Time to Think About Goals for the New Year!

I'm doing a different kind of transformation pic today. These pictures were almost two years to the day apart. 35 lb difference and it really feels like a whole life time ago. I shared my current picture as a "workout" picture because that's what I've done. I've worked out... Almost every day for the last 18 months. I've trained for and run two half marathons in just the last year and done several DVD programs in the comfort of my living room. I haven't stepped foot in a gym even once. And I've eaten healthy (for the most part) it hasn't been easy- lots of blood, sweat and tears have been shed but now that I'm on this side-- it has been SO worth it. Don't give up-- and don't wait to get started. One day you'll look back and be so glad you started.

That being said I am starting a few NEW groups in the new year. I'll be doing a Shakeology Sampler group, a three day refresh group, a 21 day fix group and the group I'll personally be doing is the Hammer and Chisel test group. Hammer and Chisel is on Sale right now and if you're wanting to start after New Years, NOW is the time to get things ordered. I'd love to chat and come up with a specific plan for you. You will have my one-on-one attention as long as you're committed and want to get those results. I am committing that to you as your coach! You can email me ( and we can figure out the best route for YOU! Also, if you've previously purchased something I'd love for you to hop back in with us too!! Just get in touch and let me know! I also have some of these gifts left for new Challenge Pack purchases!
P90x and Shakers are gone. still have the 21 day fix containers, 21 day fix bonus DVD and PiYo bonus DVD

I've got a couple of Shakeology Samplers left. I have one more 7 day pack (which comes with a FREE shaker) and a three day pack.  I'll be mailing them out ASAP so let me know if you want to try them! 
I am human and have eaten more than my fair share of sweets these last few weeks but with the help of My Fitness Pal and my Fitbit I am back to tracking my food. I've got goals to meet!!!! I am taking my beach body coaches to the beach at the end of February and would love to be down 20 lbs by then. Gotta get cracking!
Also, if you've been thinking about or wondering what I do as a coach, I'd love to chat more. This is the perfect time to get started as we go into the New Year (aka the mecca of weight loss season). It is SUCH a fun time to get in with a motivated group of ladies to help you meet your goals and to encourage and motivate others along the way!

So how am I going to reach my goals in 2016? Well... on Saturday (I am not waiting for the January!) I am re-starting Hammer and Chisel officially. Following my containers/meal plan and the workout calendar.  I started the workouts as soon as I got them before my half marathon but I am going to do the whole program now! That gives me enough time to finish it- all 60 days before hardcore starting my next half marathon training. I am hoping by Feb 25, when I leave for Florida (thats TWO months), to be down close to 10 lbs. It's time to CRUSH some goals this winter. I'll be posting here, as always, to keep myself accountable. It's been almost two years in this journey- in year one I lost 20 lbs,  and so far in the last six months I've lost 15 more but this last year I have toned SO much more. My weight loss hasn't been a sprint, it's been a marathon-- slow and steady-- but that's how they say you keep it off!  I also would LOVE to be in a size 6 in Feb. My size 10's are getting big, so I think it's totally do-able. 

I'd love to add you to one of my personal support groups. We can keep each other at it. Invest in yourself and your health in 2016... and be here in a year. Whether you have 10 lbs to lose or 100... or maybe you just want to tone and tighten. We can do it together! When I started this journey with 65 lbs to lose in May 2014, I couldn't believe it and didn't know if I would ever make it but I am here to tell you that I WILL hit my goal weight.

Happy Tuesday. Hope that's some food for thought. Want to join me?! Let's chat! 


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