Weekend (before Christmas) in Review!

We had a fabulous weekend! On Friday I took the boys to Jump Zone to run out some energy! We stayed almost 3 hours and ended up meeting several friends there that we had no idea would be there. It was a fun day!
When Bryan got off of work we went to eat at Qdoba and took the boys to Fayetteville to see the Christmas lights.
Hudson told Santa that he "just wanted his family for Christmas" and Santa literally thought he was kidnapped because he asked Hudson "Isn't that your mommy and daddy?" hahaha... oh five year olds, you never know what they're going to say!
The boys rode the ponies and loved it! It was really chilly so we didn't last long out there but it was a fun night!

Saturday we went to celebrate Christmas with all of my extended family at my parents house. It was a super fun day! I love my husband. He is the best!!! No one on earth I can imagine spending my days with. Our 7th anniversary is next week, I can't believe it's been 7 years!
 I got two Alex and Ani bracelets from my mom and dad. Love them!!
 The boys loved on Grammy and Pa. It was a fun morning!
And I finally joined the Fitbit world! I lost my Jawbone in the attic a few months ago so I am SUPER excited to have a tracker again! Add me if you want to be friends! (

Then yesterday we went back out to my parents house for my favorite meal ever- Crab legs and Shrimp boil! Bryan is just working today and tomorrow and then our Christmas break with him officially begins! YAY!

Happy Monday! Hope you're enjoying the season! 


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