What's UP Wednesday

Well I haven't blogged all week. I honestly don't feel like I have had a lot to share and my heart is still hurting for my friends...

but I do have a praise... my dad is doing well and today ends his week of quarantine. Other than being tired he's really not having any side effects after his nausea subsided, YAY!

Friday Bryan and I drove about 3.5 hours to be with our friend's at their family's funeral. It took a village to keep our boys that day and I am so thankful for our friends who stepped up to help!

Saturday Bryan went "Jeeping" with some of his guy friends so the boys and I had a play date with my friend Ashleigh and her two little boys. Saturday night I put the boys in Christmas jammies, whipped up some hot chocolate and we went driving around town to look at Christmas lights.

Sunday we woke up and had our family church time. We took the boys on a little outing and sponsored an "Angel Tree" Child for Christmas. We chose one that wanted things similar to Hudson's likes so he enjoyed helping with that. Then I went for a 6 mile run with Rebecca and Katy and then we went to Narrative. After we got home from Narrative, I realized that Rhett was running a fever and he had me up like 7 times on Sunday night. He's still not feeling well so he has spent all week at home with mommy.
My boys LOVE hot chocolate and cake pops from Starbucks, but thanks to our debt pay off plan, we've almost completely cut out Starbucks. A very sweet blog reader mailed me a card and gift card for Christmas and I got to spoil the boys by taking them to get their treats yesterday! Thanks so much Ashley!
 My poor baby loving on his "doggy" in the car.
Its been awhile since I've posted my original "befores" but I was challenged by my up line coach and I'm always down for a challenge! Beachbody has changed my life. I've lost over 35 lbs. I have gone from size 16+ to size 8/10 in pants and size XL in shirts to S/M. I've devoted right at a year and a half of my life to making this positive change and I feel amazing. I've worked out in the comfort of my own living room, followed world class meal plans by some of the most amazing trainers and been able to inspire hundreds of people along the way. I lead a team of 70 amazing inspiring people who push me to be my best every day. I'd love to share this with you-- maybe it's a program or Meal plan you need to get you going, or maybe it's joining my amazing team of supportive coaches because YOU want to inspire others or need the accountability. What ever it is-- maybe you could be here in a year. I'll never get over this and I'll never stop talking about it. It's been a ton of work but worth every single second. I'm so excited about the changes I am already seeing with Hammer and Chisel too!! 
I'm offering a $20 Gift card back on the Hammer and Chisel Challenge Pack right now, I'd love get help you get going! You can email me for more info! (

Yesterday during naps, I had a date with my laundry and Starbucks treat (Grande holiday spice skinny flat white- try saying that twice) and I only had to reheat it twice before I drank it all. Rhett promptly woke up about 10 minutes after this picture, my poor buddy has just had a rough few days.
Bryan and Hudson have been watching the Starwars movies so last night I sat on the couch and ordered our groceries for pick up this morning so I didn't have to drag a sick Rhett into the store this morning. I feel bad for him because he's been sad he's missed preschool all week while brother has still gone and my mom came over and did a Gingerbread house with Hudson during naps yesterday but I tried to keep Rhett and his germs away... so I ordered a Gingerbread house kit to do with Rhett today while Hudson was in school.
I'm gearing up for my third half marathon and "girls" weekend this weekend. Our weather isn't looking great but I'm trying to stay positive and hope the forecast changes! And in the mean time I am hoping every one in my house stays/gets well.

Tomorrow I have a super fun post coming your way-- an all exclusive holiday gift giving guide featuring some of my FAVORITES. Stay Tuned!!

Happy Wednesday!


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