Healthy Eating (ON THE GO) 2016!

One of the most difficult things of reaching goals in the new year is EATING right. Eating right takes time and planning and thought. And as a busy momma, that's not always something I take the time to do. So I LOVE quick, easy and HEALTHY meals! I've just recently stumbled upon Elevate Salads  (sold at Walmarts and Neighborhood Markets nationwide) and I think they're amazing. They're organic and super delish. There are also several GF options! There is even a fork packaged in the bowl which makes them the perfect lunch on the go! You can read more about elevate salads here.

On Monday I was running errands so I threw a baggie of carrots, an apple and a salad in my front seat with my Hydroflask (must have for getting my 160 oz of water!) and it was a super easy lunch on the go!  These are some of my favorite flavors of Elevate Salads! The company was SO sweet and sent me several coupons that I'd like to share with you! So comment with your favorite healthy (on the go) snacks below and I'll choose my three favorite answers to each receive a coupon for a free salad!

I also almost always keep a protein bar, little package of nuts or something similar in my purse. These are my go-to snacks. These keep me out of the drive thru's and keep me from being HANGRY!

And last, but of course not least, my favorite superfood! I carry the packets in the my purse and keep a shaker with water in my car so it's easy to mix up and drink on the go! Vegan Chocolate is my favorite flavor but BeachBody just released Cafe Latte, which I cannot wait to try! It's currently en route to my house! So it may be my new favorite. I've got several sample packs left, but they'll prob go fast. Email me with your preferred flavors  (cafe latte, vegan strawberry and/or vegan chocolate) and amounts ( and I'll get you hooked up with some samples. They're first come, first serve so make sure and let me know if you want some!

Happy Thursday! Can't wait to hear all about your favorite healthy snacks! 


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