Hey Mama...

Hey Mama in your leggings and slippers at 2 in the afternoon. Guess what?! You are enough.

Let me guess, you're tired, run down, your face is broken out without a touch of make up. You made four grilled cheeses for lunch and the dogs ate two of them. You scarfed a salad while standing at the kitchen counter and refilling milk cups. You cannot remember the last time you went to the bathroom without an audience, or heaven forbid, you snuck away and locked the door and had to listen to your three year old scream and throw a tantrum because he wanted to "hear you toot".

I see you. You are enough. Your job matters.

Hey Mama who woke up at 1:30, 2:30, 3:30 to change diapers, nurse babies, console from night terrors. I bet you have dark circles, I have them too. I bet you never use your alarm or have slept past 8 am in years because you have little ones who like to wake when it's still dark.

You're not alone.

I'm sure this doesn't happen to you but sometimes in the quiet of nap time I break out the hidden chocolate stash. I make a cup of coffee and just sit. In the quiet. Some days it just lasts for a few minutes but I get glimpses of my former life. The life where I didn't have to care for anyone but myself. And I miss it. For a brief second.

...Hey Mama... 

...That little voice that says "one more kiss and big squeeze" before naps... will one day be deep and belong to a man who is bigger than you. The boys that want to hold you hand and dance with you will one day be holding hands and dancing with a different girl. One day faces won't need to be wiped and you'll get to poop in peace. Those sticky finger prints that you clean up 19 times a day, they'll be gone. The art projects that destroy your house will be in a box in the attic instead of on the fridge. So today, I see you. Your job matters. You are doing the most important job on the planet. Raise those babies right, give them extra hugs and kisses at nap time, even if you just can't wait to go sit down in peace for a few minutes. You matter. You are enough. (Now go have your secret chocolate. I promise I won't tell.)


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