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So I own my own business... what?!?

Other than getting married and having kids, Wednesday I went and did one of the more adulty (is that even a word?) things of my life. For tax purposes mainly... and to keep my business and our personal account separate I have been in talks with our CPA for awhile about opening an LLC. We decided to make the start date Jan. 1 so I had to go and sign all my papers on Wednesday.
Then I went to the bank to open a corporate account. WHAT? And they asked if I wanted a credit card, twice. My answer, NO! We are currently trying to get out of debt.... and the lady said, Oh the Dave Ramsey plan, everyone is doing the Dave Ramsey plan! ha ha ha!
I just can't believe that when I quit my job as an RN almost two years ago, with no idea how/if I was going to make money... that this would fall into my lap. BeachBody has been the perfect balance for me to have something to give me purpose for myself again. I absolutely love being a mom and wife, and I feel like it is definitely the most important calling on my life, but I also need a place to escape and be "Jenna" sometimes too. This is that for me. I have my little home office area which is actually our dining room converted so I can work at my desk and still be in sight of my boys.... and I am making per month well over what I was making as an RN full time at a job I love so much more.
(Beachbody doesn't guarantee any level of income or success)
Big, Big things are happening for my team of coaches this year. I have been working on and just published our team training website yesterday where I can streamline training my coaches. It makes me giddy inside to think of the big things to come... and I am looking at at least TWO business trips coming up. I'm meeting my leaders in Florida next month for four days at the beach! AH! And... meeting more of my team in Nashville in July. It's the perfect time to join us right now, I am so proud of my team and all that they're doing... and on top of that they're all either rocking 21 Day Fix or Hammer and Chisel and are getting in AMAZING shape! that's all for today. I'm almost 30. I'm a wife, a mom of two, I own a house... and now I own my own business. I guess I'm an adult now.

Happy Friday!


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