Looking into 2016...

Goals. It's the theme of January, isn't it?

I gave my Team Joyfully Fit leaders some homework to take a selfie with their January goals because there's just something about writing down those goals and sharing with others that makes them that much more achievable! I am so proud of these ladies, they're the heart and soul of my team and I am so blessed to "know" them although I've only ever met one of them in real life... that is changing soon because I am taking three of my leaders to Florida next month! YAY! There is plenty of room on Team Joyfully Fit for new faces, I'd love to have you join!!!
Yesterday I started my training for half marathon number 4! Yikes! We ran three miles and picked right back up where we left off!

I posted this picture on my IG yesterday and wanted to talk more about my emotional transformation that my fitness journey has caused.  My physical transformation hasn't been as obvious to Bryan in the day to day because he sees me every day, but one thing that he tells me all the time is how much more confident I am. I love that he sees that in me too! I didn't start this journey with confidence being an end goal, but it has been an unexpected surprise!
And a little opposite transformation picture. The picture on the left has always been one of my motivation pictures, I was in college and in the best shape of my life. I used to look at it and long to be skinny like that again. But I was insecure and I wasn't happy with who I was then. And now, I realize that my body has performed two miracles and has given birth to two babies since then. So the picture on the right shows a confident and secure girl. I'm stronger now, not as skinny maybe, but I'm happy and confident in my body. It's done some pretty cool stuff! 💪So this isn't so much about weight loss but about learning to love a body that is a work in progress. I'm dreaming big to get back to that weight in 2016 but I'm happy with the skin I'm in! 

I did my second workout last night with Bryan. Day 8 of Hammer and Chisel and we are really loving it. I love working out with Bryan because he pushed me to work harder, lift harder... it's nice to have a workout buddy!
And lastly, my why. Always my why. These two. My heart and soul. I want to be fit and healthy for THEM!
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