New Years and Anniversary Weekend In REVIEW!

Last week I started Hammer and Chisel and on Thursday I was riding the struggle bus BIG time wanting some diet coke... but I said NO and drank a big cup of water and ate a salad and felt better... 
Emma spent the day with us on Wednesday and we took the boys to Jump zone. They love having her around!

Hudson got the Captain Underpants series for Christmas and we finished the first book last week. He loves them, and they have me laughing too!
 New Years Eve I knocked out my last workout of 2015. Ended the year on a strong note!
 And then my grandma came to play with us. She and Rhett are the best of friends, it's so cute!
New Years Eve was pretty boring. We got in our jammies and went to bed early because our boys get up at the crack of dawn. New Years Day Bryan did Hammer and Chisel and it was my off day so I just enjoyed watching him.  I love working out together.
Then we went to Joplin to spend the day with Bryan's family. I never really have thought that Hank and Rhett looked alike until this week. Now I definitely see it!
 We also celebrated Hank's First Birthday. Loved this pic of the boys!
On Saturday we got up and worked out together... and spent the day doing chores, putting away Christmas and Bryan fixed my laundry room shelves. Then Tony and CJ kept the boys while Bryan and I went out Saturday night for our Anniversary.
We ate dinner at our favorite restaurant, Table Mesa, and then walked over to the new coffee shop downtown, Onyx Coffee Lab, and sat and had coffee together. It was good time just spent chatting and being "Bryan and Jenna", not mom and dad.

Then Bryan took me to a parking lot and taught me how to drive the Jeep. It's a stick shift and it's on my list of things to learn before I turn 30. I still have some work to do, but I feel much more comfortable than I did before!

Yesterday was our real anniversary and we took it easy at home until about 5 PM when we realized our dogs had gotten out of our back yard and then we spent 2 hours dealing with that whole ordeal. Thankfully they showed back up on our street and everyone was safe and sound.

We had a super weekend but this momma is glad to be back into routine this week!! Happy Monday!


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