Pay Off Debt Month 4!!!

Here we are at the end of Month 4. Our payoff wasn't quite as much this month but we cash flowed some pretty expensive things... so onward and upward. I kind of feel like I'm losing momentum. There were times this month when we got lazy and didn't stick to our budget and gave ourselves a little more "fun" money this month but we did pay off our second lowest student loan! WOOT WOOT! That feels SO good!

So we are committing that February is going to be back to sticking to our budget 100%. I've forecasted out the year and if we stay strong we will still be 100% debt free in 2016!!! I still listen to Dave Ramsey's podcast religiously and I really feel like it helps keep me on track.

I also wanted to let you know that I am running a FREE 10 days to financial freedom group on Facebook starting on Next Monday, Feb 1! I'll get the group up and going in the next few days so if you're interested join via this link or shoot me a fb message or an email ( and we will have 10 days of fun activities to get us looking towards financial freedom this year!

So that's my month 4 Debt Payoff post... can't wait to see how much we pay off in month 5! Happy Monday!


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