Weekend In Review!

We had a super chill weekend! My grandma spent the day with us so I took advantage of her being here and headed out for a 3 mile run in the neighborhood. When I run by myself I work on my time... I wasn't thrilled with my time but it's a start!
Saturday we had a chance of snow. It did snow a little but it didn't stick (which I was ok with) so we just hung out inside. The boys played so well together all weekend and we even set up and played their new board games from Christmas on Saturday morning!
 ...also we hit potty training hardcore this weekend! Rhett's doing amazing and went to school in underwear today. Can't wait to hear the report on how he did!
The weekends are usually full of cheat meals for us. Since we are sticking to our program so well I wanted to combat this! So this weekend I went to the store on Friday and got a list from Bryan for what he wanted. He wanted Salmon so I cooked up this little Salmon and Mango Salsa meal and it was SO delish! You can get the recipe here.
Sundays look a lot different for us these days. We spend the morning together at home and go through a bible story with the boys. All this last week we've been talking about the disciples and Hudson loves learning about them. He decided he wanted to write down all the stories in his notebook (aka mom write them as he tells them) and then stand in our front yard and tell people about Jesus. I love his heard and love that our new "normal" has made me more intentional with teaching him about the Bible and Jesus. We are all learning to be better disciples! We had Narrative for the first time in over a month last night and it was so good to see all of our friends and church family.

Today marks the first day of week three of Hammer and Chisel. This morning I weighed for the first time since starting Hammer and Chisel and am down 4 lbs! WHOA! I've stuck to the meal plan (except for our anniversary dinner) and am loving how I am feeling. I feel stronger and am seeing muscles pop out that I've never seen before. This program is really challenging me and I can't wait to see where I am in 6 more weeks!  I went and met Katy and Rebecca for a 3 mile (very chilly) run and I'll work out tonight with Bryan. I love working out with him. It pushes me to work harder! 

Heading out to run some errands now... happy Monday loves! 


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