When I Get Discouraged... and my halfway Hammer and Chisel results!

When I get discouraged or start feeling lazy, I take pictures and remember how far I have come...
These pictures are from 6 weeks postpartum from Rhett's birth and then this week. Such an amazing amount of progress and when I get discouraged I take pictures and compare. The scale, it lies... but pictures do not. This did not happen over night, it's taken almost three years of mental and physical work. The first year I didn't do much but the last 18 months I really amped it up and I am so proud of myself. I'm a little over halfway there and I'm going to keep on chugging along!

I've still been killing it with Hammer and Chisel I really really really love this program and I love Beachbody's Recover. I feel like it has made a huge different 

I started coaching right at 18 months ago. I've grown so much as a person and I am just still amazed every single day the opportunities that this gives me and my family. I'm offering a few "intern" spots on my coaching team to end the month. I have had several new coaches join this month and some of them are already getting their first paychecks. I want to share this amazing opportunity with you and help you get on your way! You can always email me for more info ( 21 day fix and Hammer and Chisel are on sale for a few more days... I'd love to get you set up with one of those as a challenger too!!
...and finally... my halfway Hammer and Chisel results...
January 1 to today (Jan 29). I am down 8 lbs, and 10 total inches. 2 in my chest, 1 in my waist and 2 in my tummy and hips! I am very proud of that progress... but more than that I am SO much stronger. I can't wait to share where I am in 4 more weeks, I have heard that a lot of people get the majority of their results with this program in the second month so I can't wait! 
Happy Friday. Hope you all have a super weekend! 


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