Rhett Turns THREE

How is it possible that my tiny little 5 lb blonde hair, blue-eyed baby is THREE??? Three years ago at 10:28 PM on Feb. 20 in the middle of a snow storm and after laboring for 28 hours, my tiny baby boy entered the world. The funniest thing that I remember about his birth is that I was SO hungry. I had been in and out of the hospital for monitoring for over five days and they had kept me NPO for most of the time incase I had to go for a c-section. I was home for barely 12 hours before they induced me so I hadn't eaten much at all... and when they started my meds at 6 PM on 2/19... I had NO idea that he would be cooking until 10:30 the next night... anyways, I just wanted Gusanos pizza and a diet coke. My dad finally left at 9 PM to go get it because they were about to close and I was SO mad when he came back and I still wasn't dilated to a 10 yet. We sent everyone else out to eat, Bryan, my mom and I all fell asleep and the nurse woke me up 30 minutes later to tell me that it was time. I pushed just a handful of times with him and in 10 minutes he was born (and I got to have my pizza). I should have taken that as a sign that I wouldn't ever be able to eat in peace again... because to this day he is attached to my hip, especially when I am trying to eat! ha!!

My Sweet Rhetty Joe-

-You, my love, keep me on my toes. I never know what you're going to do or say. And honestly nothing really surprises me anymore. You're polar opposite of your brother, and I am actually really glad.
-You are strong-willed and very opinionated. You always want to get your way. You've started pouting and crossing your arms. This morning you were mad at me for not letting you bother Hudson and you crossed your arms and said "I'm telling Dad". You do so much that makes us laugh because you are just a tiny little human with a BIG personality.

-You are tiny. You are still wearing mostly 2T clothes. You weigh right at 30 lbs and are 3 ft tall.
-You are potty trained completely except you wear a pull up at naps and bedtime.
-You want to do anything and everything that Hudson does. You love your brother, and love to torture him.
-You still take around 2 hour naps in the afternoon (and I hope that continues for the rest of your life... for my sanity). You go to bed between 7-7:30 and wake up around 6 (if I'm lucky 6:30). We've started using the "green" clock in you room to help you stay in there in the morning.
-You are my snuggle boy and always want mommy to "hold you". I'll be so sad when you stop asking me to "hold you mommy".
-You love your "B", "doggie", anything paw patrol, your mobile, anything your brother is currently playing with, building towers with blocks, fruit snacks, flash lights and playing with your puppies.
-You climb anything that you can find. You love to play hide and seek. You love to play in your room but only if I let you take the dogs with you. 
-You are kind of a stinker, and I tell you all the time that it's a good thing that you're cute. 
-You love to wrestle with daddy. You're a daddy's boy. But really I think you're a momma's boy too.

Rhett Joseph, 
You came into this world three years ago and haven't stopped going for one second since. You are go-go-go until you crash in bed. You're hilarious, my jokester, crazy-adorable, a little bit of a stinker, but also a planner and an organizer. You like everything in it's place and like routine. That's whats kept us sane. Before I had you, I wasn't sure how I could love another baby as much as I loved Hudson, but I found out so quickly that the space in my heart just doubled. Happy Birthday my dear sweet boy. You make your momma so very proud. I love you!



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