Rhett's Birthday in Review!

Rhett turned 3 on Saturday and he had SUCH a great day! 

Bryan made a brisket (Rhett's request) for his party with our family.
  I had birthday cake Shakeology in honor of his birthday... SO yummy!

Then I took the boys swimming at G-Pa and CJ's hotel. David and Jordan (and Hank) came to town for his birthday!

Then we came home for rest time before the party began. Rhett wanted a "Paw Patrol" Party and Ice cream cake, so thats what I did! We love having all of our family close, my parents, brother and grandpa came along with Tony, CJ, Emma and David and Jordo and Hank. We had a full house!

He got some pretty awesome toys! And his cake was the easiest cake ever! DQ made it and wrote on it and I stuck the Paw Patrol figures on top. Done and Done!

After the party we put him to bed and he woke up coughing really badly so I had to rock him to sleep... he might be 3 now, but he still needs his mama. I'm ok with that!
We also surprised the boys with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge and left for that Sunday morning... that post is coming tomorrow. Happy Wednesday!


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