Weekend In Review!

We had a really, really busy weekend and I feel like it flew by! It was absolutely beautiful here all weekend! Friday I took the boys to get new tennis shoes. Boys are SO hard on shoes. Hudson is on his third pair since school started... and then we took a picnic to a little park that we like and did some exploring. I loved spending time with my boys.

Jordan came into town Friday evening and stayed with us and we invited some friends over to play Catan. It was really fun and there is just something comforting being around people who have known you like your whole life and are your "life long friends". I love these friends.

Saturday I got up early and started cooking G-Pa's belated birthday lunch. Then I worked out in my new tank. Love it.
Then Tony and CJ drove down to eat lunch and hang out with us. They left around 4, and Jordan left to go home... and my parents came over to hang out shortly after that. Our house was like a revolving door of people this weekend, I kind of loved it. We did a fire pit with my parents and then after the boys went to bed we played cards. I love playing cards with them, even though they beat Bryan and I. I was thinking about what we would have been doing on Saturday nights ten years ago... and I don't think we would have been at home hanging with our parents at 19. But I am glad now that there is no place I'd rather be! I love my parents and the relationship that we have with them and that they have with my boys.

Sunday we got up and I met Rebecca to continue our half marathon #4 training. We ran 6 miles and it was gorgeous outside.
Then we went hiking with Tony and CJ at a local trail with a waterfall. The boys LOVE going there. We ended up stopping to get Ice Cream before heading home for naps...
...then we headed to Narrative last night and got home around 8. It was a busy weekend but one spent with those we love most, so a great weekend in my books!!!

Happy Monday! 


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