Potty Training Woes

Tracking PixelThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CVS Training Pants.

So I have been "potty training" Rhett for like a year now. Don't get me started. Some of it falls back on him, and some of it falls back on me... Okay, most of it falls back on me. Finally two months ago his teacher from his part-time preschool asked me to send him in underwear because he was doing so good at school and it finally pushed me to pull the trigger and get it out of the way.

Within two days, he had it. Potty on the potty all day, #2 was a little more difficult but with the help of some suckers and stickers we even nailed that. He still wore training pants at nap time and bed time. My grocery budget went way up taking diapers out of the picture and honestly, for about two weeks I didn't have to change any poopy diapers. Who am I???

Then two weeks ago, he got an ear infection. That meant antibiotics. He has a super sensitive tummy and... well... we had to start wearing training pants again. Thankfully, I had these CVS Training Pants on hand.
CVS Training Pants come in cute patterns, have refasten able sides (can we get a hallelujah for that one!!), and an all around comfy stretch waistband that provide a great fit. They also have a wetness indicator that fades when wet. My favorite part is that they have a customized absorbent protection for boys AND girls.
We just put the all-day training pants away, and are back to bedtime and nap time training pants. I am happy to have these in my arsenal through should be occasion rise again! Happy Potty Training!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CVS Training Pants.


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