Team Joyfully Fit in Fort Myers

I had the most amazing opportunity to go to Fort Myers Beach with the leaders on my team, Team Joyfully Fit, this last weekend. We've been planning this trip since the fall so it was great to finally get to go! I've worked with these girls for over a year and had never met them in real life, so it was SO fun to get to know them in person!

It was great because two of us from Arkansas and two from Indiana traveled together. I loved getting to chat with my friend, and most dedicated coach, Edith,  the whole way there!
 Flying without kids... the best ever. I read this whole book and it made me laugh out loud! SO funny!
Our second flight was delayed so we didn't end up getting to Florida until Thursday evening and it was late when we checked into our suite. We ended up going to dinner in yoga pants. It was great because we stayed right on the beach and could walk to everything.
So happy to all be together!
We rented bikes (for free) each day and rode on the beach. It was about perfect and some good mild cardio!

Courtney snapped this picture (which we thought was funny) to show how "on-the-go" our job really is!!
And in the afternoons we packed up crackers and veggies and hummus and sat on the beach. A girl could have really gotten used to that!
We worked out in the workout room both days and it was great because we just used BeachBody on Demand but it was super fun to workout together!!
And at night we showered and got ready and went out to eat together. We had LOTS of seafood and it was SUPER yummy. I left with new best friends. I am so thankful for BeachBody for bringing us all together, and for my "blog" for connecting us! These girls were just "blog readers" who decided to join my team and change their lives. That's pretty darn amazing. We did a lot of brainstorming on our trip and I'm excited to put it all into action over the coming weeks!!

And Sunday morning we left SUPER early to head home. I wore my "I need coffee" tank. No truer words.

And a huge shout out to THIS guy who took care of our boys by himself all weekend. He did amazing and I am so proud of him and thankful for him letting me go! I missed him and the boys and I was happy to come home to them!!
Which leads me to this...
Two year ago I was working part time as a night shift RN. I was super overweight (212 lbs), tired and just wanted to be home with my babies full time. Some life circumstances happened that allowed me to stay home on a VERY tight budget... and shortly after that BeachBody came into my life. I am doing a job that I absolutely love 100% from home (or where ever I might be). I can take vacations and breaks whenever I want and I have met the most amazing, and motivating people, on the planet because of it. I never saw this coming... but I am so glad I am here now, making more than what I made as an RN full time. I am in the best shape I've been in since college and its getting better every day. If you're interested in what I do, this opportunity, the job, the income, the friends, the accountability... email me. Let's chat. I have a glimpse into coaching group starting next week that I would love to add you to!

Happiest of Tuesday's to you! Believe in yourself and your dreams and you never know where they might take you!


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