Transformation Tuesday! And 24 days of NO cheats!

I can't remember if I have posted about the little challenge that I am doing right now or not... anyways... I made a commitment to my leaders at our retreat that we'd all do a round of 21 day fix extreme with no cheats. I added three day refresh to the start of mine so mine is technically 24 days with no cheats. So here I am-- day nine-- and I have had absolutely ZERO cheats. I am feeling good! I am staying off of the scale until the end of the round because this round isn't about weight loss-- it's about discipline and proving to myself that I can do it.
I went out for a girls night with some of my friends last night and put my "no cheats" to the test. We met at a wine bar-- I had water-- and then went to my fav restaurant for dinner and I had salmon. It was SO good. I had a little cheese dip (which is allowed on the fix) but otherwise ate 100% clean. I am eating basically whole30 plus Shakeology, Peanut Butter and Cheese. I do love me some cheese. So no gluten, sugar, or dairy (other than a little cheese). (I am eating this way because I have figured out the foods that I feel good eating, and the one that make me sick-- this isn't necessarily 21 day fix- so don't be scared off from that).
Katy and I hit up our favorite store before girls night to shop a little bit. If you live in NWA you have to check out Kate Austin. I buy 99% of my wardrobe there. Claire, the owner, is the sweetest. I always enjoy when I get to go in and chat with her! Katy and I went in in one outfit, and came out in different outfits (and we may or may not have had to trade shoes).

Which leads me to this before and after. Two year almost. I was nervous and embarrassed to admit that I needed help, but I am so glad that I did. I wouldn't change this journey for the world! I've got several new groups in the works that I'd love to hook you up with! As always, you can email me for more info! I also have some shakeology samples right now for $5 each. That's all for today. Happy Tuesday! 


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