Continuing to Choose Joy AND Ultimate Reset Journey! Day 1!

I had a rough time yesterday. Tuesday was 2 weeks since the miscarriage and yesterday I went back for my last round of blood work that showed that my levels were back to normal. I was relieved, but also, sad, because it was final. I'm doing ok for the  most part, I've been wearing the bracelet that my friend/diamond coach/most motivating friend Traci sent me for my birthday last year to remind me to keep choosing joy in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. Bryan cancelled his plans last night and we watched a funny movie together and ordered pizza (because... well see below...) and today I am feeling much better. It's a weird season, and the strangest things hit me and bother me... but every day is a new day, and I know the Lord will use this for His good!

So I mentioned in my post last week that Bryan and I were starting the Ultimate Reset this week. Today is day one! What IS Ultimate Reset? It's a 21 day program that helps you RECLAIM, RELEASE and RESTORE your body. You follow a vegan diet after the first few days so I was thinking about doing this with my Nutrition Certification, and then when I found out that I was pregnant, my plans derailed. So, with everything I've been through the past few weeks (half marathon, miscarriage), I still feel like this is THE perfect time for me to do this program. It is going to reset my body from the inside out. The nutrition certification that I am doing is plant based, so I might be vegan in a few weeks... (I'm already almost convinced and I am only a little over a week into my first course). So why not PRACTICE, what I am learning? See how I feel and see what results I get?? I am so glad that Bryan has decided to join me on this little, crazy journey. I am also going to be you tubing along the way. When I was researching that's where I ended up and there just isn't a lot of info out there about it. Also, I threw my scale away last week, so I don't have "pre" weight, although I have a pretty good idea where I usually am, and I don't plan to do a "post" weight until I have to go to the doctor for whatever reason and be weighed. I'm done with the scale, that stupid thing DOES NOT define me. I did do pictures and measurements today though! That's a way better way to watch progress!

I filmed a video of an "unboxing" of the Ultimate Reset if you want to see what all comes in the kit. You can check the video out below:

It also comes with a complete meal guide for the 21 days. I love not having to worry about what to make. They literally lay it all out for you meal by meal.

Yesterday I went to Whole Foods to get the rest of my groceries that Walmart didn't have. There are lots of weird things on the meal plan that I've never had/made but I am totally open to trying new things!

Here is today's breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, steamed spinach and 1 slice of whole grain toast. I also took Optimize and drank 24 oz of water with mineralize 30 minutes before breakfast.

I also prepped our lunch for today, so Bryan could take it to work. It's Miso Soup with a Salad.

The creators of Ultimate Reset also suggest some good personal development during the cleanse. And since I can't workout (I might try some PiYo, or walks in the evening) I am going to use that 30 minutes to sit down with a book. The two that I am starting with are "Simply Tuesday" and "What Women Fear". I have had Simply Tuesday for awhile, but I am glad to dive into it and I have read "What Women Fear" before, and loved it, and I think its perfect for me to reread in this season. I have a feeling I'll be through these books fast, so if you have other book suggestions I'd love to hear them!

I'll be posting youtubes and a diary on my IG about my journey. Mostly for accountability and because when I went looking for info I couldn't find it. If you want to read more you can go through this link. Stay tuned for more info! Happy Thursday! Continue choosing joy my friends, I know I am!


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