Half Marathon #4

So yesterday I decided it was a nice day to run a half marathon... ok let me back up.

...thank y'all so much for all the kind words, messages, and well wishes after my last post. I was honestly terrified to post it, but I knew that God made that a part of our story, and I sent the draft to Bryan before I posted and he told me I needed to be brave and share... and I am so glad that I did. I couldn't believe the outpouring of support that I got-- so THANK YOU.

Ok back to the half marathon... Friday I went with my friends to pick up our shirts and packets for the race then we went out to dinner to carb load... I ate pasta and ice cream. YUM! I am so proud of my friends, and love that I get to spend time with them running every week, talking through life and all the crazy. I could not do it without them.

And then Saturday morning I woke up before the sun ready to run. It was probably the most emotional run I've ever had, getting over the miscarriage, and moving on.

SO happy to see one of my favorite people EVER at the staring line!!! Love you Edith!!! 

 ...and it was by far the best run I've had. The weather was PERFECT. A little cool early, but it warmed up and the sun was shining bright. We cut 45 minutes off of our time from this same race last year, and 15 minutes from our race in Tulsa in December. So in one calendar year I ran THREE half marathons.  I am so thankful for my friends for being my running buddies and for our husbands for putting up with our crazy race schedule and following us around town yesterday with all of our kids to cheer us on (they even took the funny selfie below)...

...and I had to do a year to year comparison and tell you again that the scale LIES. This is last year's race and this year's race. Only a 10-15lb difference but I feel like my body has changed tremendously, and I could tell with this race with how good I felt the whole time. I've been saying this is my last half, but now Bryan's thinking he might want to train with me... so we will see!!!
 ...and then last night Bryan and I got a date night and went to one of my life-long friend's engagement parties. It was a super fun night but I was pretty worn out.
Happy Happy Sunday! Hope you've had a super weekend!! 


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