Jeepin' and Fishin'--Weekend In Review!

We had a super weekend! The boys and I played outside all Friday morning. We are loving this beautiful spring weather.

Then Rhett and I took Hudson to Pa's house and went and did a little summer shopping. He is actually a very good shopper. ;)
Saturday Hudson had a soccer game and then our babysitter, who is leaving us for college soon, came and watched the boys while Bryan and I went on a day date to the jeep off road park about an hour away. We had a blast!
Saturday night we went to my parent's house and Rhett caught his first fish with Pa! He wasn't too sure what to think.

Sunday we worked on revamping our patio all day. We love this space and will be spending MANY hours out here this summer!
Last night we had church, and it was fabulous. We are still staying strong on Ultimate Reset. 3 Days to go! I'll be back with my UR update tomorrow!!

Happy Monday!


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