Ultimate Reset Day 11 Update! Half way there!

It's been a few days since I've updated but we are half way through the Ultimate Reset! Yay! The food has actually been really good. We are eating lots of veggies.
Dinner night 7
Day 7 I was SO tired. Like I couldn't keep my eyes open and had to take a nap. That's part of it I think.

Here is my day 7 video: 
I couldn't have coffee as of week two (you aren't really supposed to in week one either) so I ordered this Dandy Blend from Amazon and it's ok to drink because its non-acidic, caffeine free and a good alternative to coffee.
Week two breakfast has been Shakeology every day. Next week we can just do half a scoop, so it will be all fruit for breakfast, and I love warm breakfast, so that's definitely something I am missing. But I cannot imagine doing this whole thing without Shakeology. Bryan is drinking Vegan Strawberry and I'm drinking Vegan Chocolate.
I did week one progress pictures and I wasn't going to share (and I'm not sharing all of them) BUT Ultimate Reset is on sale starting TOMORROW and I wanted to let you know I'm going to be hosting a "spring cleaning" group where you can choose to do 3 Day Refresh OR Ultimate Reset while getting support from ME the whole time. 3 Day Refresh isn't on sale, but I am offering a special gift card discount. Anyways, I was amazed at my one week progress, much less back fat. ;) I lost 3 inches in my waist and 3 belly and 2 in my hips! I am a happy girl!

I made this Sweet Potato and Roasted Red Pepper Bisque on Friday night, and it was so good! We really have enjoyed it. Another staple has been brown rice and beans with guacamole. Bryan loves it and said he could eat like this all the time, minus Brisket, he misses his Brisket.
So phase two is the "detox" phase and we have to drink a detox drink before each meal. It is definitely working because my SKIN is detoxing. I have the worst, most horrible acne right now, but I am hoping that just means my body is riding itself of toxins, yikes! We went hiking yesterday and that was just the second time I have really "exercised" while on this and I was ravenous in the late afternoon so I totally understand why they don't allow strenuous exercise.

Anyways, that's my HALF WAY update! Hooray! Email me if you want info on our "Spring Cleaning" group!

Happy Sunday!


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