Ultimate Reset Day 20 Update!

We have made it to day 20! YAY! I'm thinking I'll actually stay on program until Saturday (when we are having friends over for a bbq) so I will probably do my final pictures Friday or Saturday AM.
I am feeling SO good.

I have come a long way in the two years of my weight loss journey, but the last 20 days have definitely been some of the toughest mentally.
 Breakfast has looked a lot this like this this week. Lots of fruit. All the fruit.
 And dinner something like this. Veggies, rice, beans.... you know the drill.

I am thankful that Bryan has done this with me, I couldn't have done it without him. Here is my day 14 video update. I'll probably shoot another one tomorrow on day 21 and then an after video. I've really enjoyed this journey and cannot wait to show you my transformation pictures. Let's just say I am down over 12 inches over all! YAY!
I also wanted to take this opportunity to invite you to my 21 days of no cheats that I am going straight into on Monday. I am feeling so good and have gotten such great results, why stop now?! We'll be following 21 days of meal plans, workouts and the most amazing accountability you'll find! You could be down up to 15 lbs by June if you join us! If you'd like more info on this I would love for you to reach out and email me.


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