Ultimate Reset Day 22 Update!

I DID IT! I made it all 21 days!! Today is actually day 22... which I talk about WHY I am going to keep going in my video below...
I am down 15-16 lbs, and 25 inches over all. I feel amazing. I now officially weigh what I weighed when I got pregnant with Hudson, a weight I haven't seen in over 6 years. I am a month shy of when I started this journey two years ago. I remember crying in bed one day talking to Bryan about it, knowing that I needed to admit that I had a problem and needed to make a change. We were about to go on vacation and I promised him that after vacation things would change. So at the end of May 2014, I started on this journey at 215 lbs. I went to Weight Watchers, started keeping track of everything that I ate, and started PiYo and Shakeology. It has changed my life. Not only do I FEEL amazing, I have gained a profession that I love, I am ABOUT to graduate with my Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition, and I have gained a mountain of confidence... and I have lost 40 lbs, and counting!
Two years in Transformation
So what's to come? Well I have a group of people wanting to do the reset that I'll be hanging out with on facebook in May. It's a VERY Elite group, and these people are so motivated and pumped up that I cannot WAIT to see their results. We are also starting a new 21 day fix group next week of 21 days of NO cheats! I cannot wait!!

What do my meals look like? Well THIS salad has been my lunch every day, and actually it's SUPER yummy. Dinner has been black bean burgers on lettuce wraps and sweet potato fries. Breakfast has been Shakeo, every single day! (speaking of that I have samples, $5 each if you want one! Packs of 7 gets you a free shaker too!) you ask... What's the ONE thing you added back in on day 22?
I'l be back with another update in a few days! If you want info on how to join either  one of my 21 day groups coming up (21 days NO cheats, or Ultimate Reset) you can email me or reach out on Social Media!


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