Ultimate Reset Day SIX update!

So we are officially almost done with day six of the Ultimate Reset. That also means we have gone three days with no meat or animal byproducts. Three days vegan, y'all. That's intense. We've had Tempeh for the first time... and it's not too bad! And lots of veggies and rice and beans... and lots of water and fruit. I also made homemade sushi and we sort of loved it.
I have had sick kids the last couple of days too so it has been an interesting combo for sure. My favorite part of the day is my afternoon Shakeology, I'm not going to lie. I measured my waist and I am down 3.5 inches in less than a week so I am calling that a WIN! I've been sleepy, hungry... but doing ok. Today I woke up with lots of energy and feeling more "normal". Excited to see how week two is.
Ultimate Reset goes on sale next week if you want to join me or want more info! I'd love to send it your way! You can watch the promo video here.

And because I am doing like a video diary of my journey... I video'd my Day 6 update. You can see it below!
Also... I am offering a special on several of the sales this month and we have groups for almost every program starting. If you're ready to get started and need some help and support I'd love for you to email me to find out how to apply for one of my exclusive challenge groups! Happy Tuesday!


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