Weekend in Review!

Friday I took Hudson to his pre-kindergarten placement test. I cannot believe he is about to start kindergarten and SO close to being SIX. Time really does fly.

Saturday we took the boys hiking at Devil's Den! The weather was cool and kind of rainy, but perfect for being outside! It was a fun day!!

Saturday night a spot on my chin started hurting really bad. I thought it was just acne under the skin, but it kept getting worse and worse.... so I took some Ibuprofen and decided to give it a day.
Sunday we went and bought the boys a new playset from Sam's Club. My mom, dad and brother came to help with the assembly on Sunday and I'd like to include a picture of what it looks like put together, but after two days of construction, it's still not done yet. Ha. My dad was working on it almost all day yesterday and we think one more day and it should be done.

Yesterday my face was worse so I made an appointment to see my doctor. Apparently it's a really bad staph infection on my face. I'll spare you the pictures of it, it's nasty and I am all swollen but after a day of antibiotics I woke up feeling MUCH better today.

...and this is one of my favorite recipes ever. I have been eating it for lunch every single day.
Last night I had a team call with a bunch of my local girls about an event we are doing. I love having the flexibility to kiss my boys goodnight and then sit down and work when ever I want. It really is a "dream" job.
This morning the boys and I are working on letters and enjoying not having to be anywhere or do anything today. These are my favorite kinds of days.
Also... I'm hosting a "fb" Usborne book party tomorrow night. Lots of raffles and fun prizes. Here is the invite if you want to join

Happiest of Tuesdays! 


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