All About that Lularoe!!

Ok so I am OBSESSED with Lularoe. I saw lots of people posting about it but I never knew the hype, until I got my first pair of leggings and the rest was history.

Here I am in the Pink Classic T. I love that its loose and long. This T is thinner so great for summer. And the OS black leggings, which I basically live in. I wore this out to dinner last night, and my husband was a big fan.

Here I am in the Irma (size down in this one!) SO comfy and love the fun prints. Long enough to cover my booty. And the OS leggings. Again I wear them every day. They are buttery soft!
And here I am in some crazy printed OS leggings. I didn't know if I could pull them off, and I haven't worn them out of the house yet, but they make yoga day super fun!!!
And last but not least, in the Nicole dress. I LOVE this dress. I love the pattern and the cut. So flattering. I also have an Amelia, but it's a LITTLE too tight, it's my motivation dress to be in it by the time I go to Cancun.

The thing that I love about Lularoe is that each consultant gets different stuff, and they might have prints you've never seen before and the chances of someone local having the exact same thing as you is slim to none. So... all of that to let you know that I am hosting a Lularoe pop up party on Facebook on Monday night with my friend Stacey who is a consultant. Let me know if you want to join and I'll add you, no pressure to buy, you can just come peruse.... or you can click this link to join. She's said she'll be giving away some goodies too (like FREE leggings, HOLLA) you don't want to miss out! 

Happy Friday loves! Do you have any brands that I need to know about?! This is a new favorite of mine for sure!!!


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