Graduations, Working Out, And A Surprise trip! Weekend In Review!

My sweet cousin Abi graduated from High School VALEDICTORIAN of her class this last weekend. Hudson and I made the trip with my parents to go to her graduation and we were so glad to be able to celebrate her.
Made me think a lot about my own graduation and everything that's changed since then... you think you've lived so much life up until that point, but I really see that as the time my life began.
Besides that we've been doing a lot of working out. I found this old picture of myself on Bryan's computer yesterday and decided to do a comparison. I started my fitness and weight loss journey many many years ago. The picture on the left, I'd been working out for six months and the scale hadn't moved, I had no accountability and my nutrition was all over the place. I set out with a goal weight of 145 and thought I'd be there in a year or less. In May of 2014 I started working out (PiYo) with an accountability group on Facebook. I began keeping track of every bite of food that I took and now two years later I am down 42 lbs. the accountability and nutrition is key. I'm not at 145 yet- but that's ok. That number doesn't define me. I'm in the same size of clothes that I wore at 155 when I got married. My body composition has changed and I have muscle that I've never had before. I am feeling good in the skin I'm in. I'm never going back. If you need that accountability- I'm your girl. Our groups on Facebook are clutch for helping you reach your goals- I would love to share more info! 
We are gearing up for our next round of 21 day fix- SUMMER SLIMDOWN- starting the Tuesday after Memorial Day. My current group is rocking it and I cannot wait to see all of their results next week. I'd love for you to join our exclusive group that will take us right up to the very start of summer! I'll be hitting this round hard, with 21 day fix extreme...
...why am I hitting this round so hard?! Well because my husband surprised me with a trip for my 30th birthday to CANCUN for just the two of us at the end of June! You better believe I'm working hard to be able to rock swimsuit!
Also, I am hosting a glimpse into coaching group on facebook on Friday! Just a one day event, no strings attached, but if you've ever been interested in coaching this is a way you can check it out! You can email me about this group OR the Summer Slim Down group!

So that's really all thats new with us. Hope you're having a fantastic week!!


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