That One Time that I Stopped Blogging... and the Future of Jenna Buettemeyer Fitness...

A few weeks ago I was in the car with my dad and he asked me if I was done blogging. I told him "No but that life had gotten in the way and I was focusing on other stuff right now... " and that was just the beginning.

I had my miscarriage a few days later, then decided to delve into my Ultimate Reset and started my Plant Based Nutrition Certification... and blogging realllllly fell by the wayside because with all the food prep and studying and taking care of the boys and my hubs... oh and running my own business and leading a killer fitness team.... I just didn't take the time to sit down and write like usual. I am SO excited that now that the reset is OVER.... and TODAY I finished my plant based nutrition certification... that I'm back and better than ever!

 I have several new series of posts that I am wanting to do and tomorrow will be the first one with "Tasty Tuesday" where I'll be doing an emphasis on my favorite Vegan and Vegetarian recipes and focusing every week on one thing that I learned in my classes!

I am also going to be putting together a 30 day GO VEGAN challenge starting some time this summer. For a flat fee you'll get a customized meal plan and grocery lists for transitioning to plant based living and one-on-one support from me. It has nothing to do with BeachBody, and will be my first shot at putting my training to the test. I'll be doing a VERY reduced version of this in June to work out the kinks so if you'd like to be in my test group, please send me an email and I'll shoot over the details when I have them put together. 

I've spent the last month really working on myself from the inside out. I feel amazing, I've lost over 15 lbs and I have been doing a lot of personal development. I am ready to take my business to the next level, push myself even harder and I am excited about the future of Jenna Buettemeyer Fitness, and maybe should have included Nutrition in my company name since that's where my focus is shifting to!

I am currently on week 2 of 21 day fix with my group and doing my very first ALL Vegan round. So far so good and down 2.6 lbs in the first week! We have new groups starting every Monday, I'd love to have you join us for the Fix! I'm offering a copy of the 21 day fix cookbook- Fixate- back with Challenge Pack orders this week as a special gift! 
So Happy Monday! That's what I've been up to! I can't wait to come back for Tasty Tuesday and share some of my Vegan goodness with you! 


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