Week IN Review!

We have had quite the eventful week! Hudson had his very last day at preschool on Monday. We've been at this preschool since he was 2 and loved it so much that I cried every time I saw his teacher this week. These ladies that have loved on my babies feel like family to us. I am so glad to have a place to take them twice a week where they're loved just like if they were at home. So I was a tad misty-eyed all day.
His very first day of preschool to his very last day! My baby has grown up!
Hudson actually left earlier this week to go to California with G-Pa and CJ to see our twin nieces graduate from HS and he gets to do all kinds of fun still like Disneyland and Universal. We are definitely missing him. I think baby brother enjoyed a few days of being an only child but I can tell he's getting bored now and missing his brother.

Rhett had his last day on Wednesday. We have absolutely adored his teachers this year. He has grown up so much. And I joke that it's really too bad that he has absolutely no personality! ;) The older he gets, the more and more he looks like his daddy. Bryan and I talk ALL the time about how different our boys are and it's so funny because even my mom and dad have pointed out that Rhett has a hilarious sense of humor and gets jokes and sarcasm, and Hudson is SO literal. (Just like Bryan and I, respectively ;))

I couldn't be more proud to be the momma of these two boys! Hudson is ready to start Kindergarten, hopefully at the private Christian school we want him to go to, still waiting for the final word, and then I'll be homeschooling him part time too so his schedule really won't be a whole lot different than what he does now. And Rhett officially goes from Mother's Day Out to Preschool in the fall. Big changes coming to our household!
So while Rhett was at school on Wednesday I enjoyed my last day of freedom for awhile. It involved working at home, showering and working out in peace and then I stopped by my favorite little food truck downtown and got a veggie wrap and smoothie. Our babysitter will be coming one day a week this summer but she doesn't start until the end of June, so me and the boys have a lot of fun stuff planned in the meantime!

Wednesday night Rhett went to spend some quality time with Grammy and Pa so Bryan and I took full advantage of being kid-free and went on a date night! 

We went to eat at our favorite restaurant downtown, where I actually ordered shrimp fajitas, and the shrimp didn't even taste good. I've been eating some seafood, once or twice a week, but I ended up just eating the veggies and letting Bryan have the shrimp. It still blows me away how much my tastes have changed. Then we went to a little brewery and sat on the patio with drinks and played board games together. There is just something about being out together without kids thats so refreshing.

Besides that Rhett and I have been running errands and hanging out at home. It's been super rainy this week, which stinks. We really want our summer weather back!
 I finished my round of 21 day fix on Saturday and started 21 day fix extreme on Sunday. The workouts are killing me but I am already down almost 4 lbs this week so something is working!!
I also got more vegan samples in the mail yesterday. They're 7/$35 or 2/$10 shipped. I am running low on chocolate, and they're first come first serve so let me know if you want some!! 

This was my lunch yesterday. I am loving this tofu scramble. I can't believe I like tofu.
 We have barely talked to Hudson all week but last night we got to FaceTime him and they were at Disneyland and he wanted to be able to show Rhett "Woody" who they were waiting in line to meet because they both love Toy Story.  Such a sweet big brother! We are definitely missing him!

Besides that I've been working a lot this week. I have joined up with some other girls on my team and am totally redoing the way we do challenge groups. We've been doing some brainstorming calls and it's gotten me really pumped up for the direction my business is going!!! Our summer slim down group starts next week, and it's not too late to join us!!
So that's what we've been up to! My family is all en route for a week at the lake house!! Praying for no rain and a great week with family! Happy Friday! 


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