Family "Stay-Cay" Week In Review!

We had a little week long "Stay-cation" last week. Every year my dad's side of the family gets together for a week, this year they came down to my parents' lake house. We were so glad to get to spend such good time with everyone.

My goal for the week was to NOT GAIN WEIGHT, and I managed, for the first time in my life to LOSE weight instead of gain amidst all the temptations of my favorite foods, and it really wasn't that hard. It's really thanks to 21 day fix and my handy containers. I'm doing a weekly weigh-in group again, that's one thing that I really miss about weight watchers, the accountability, and I've managed to lose in the last two weeks by just dialing in my nutrition and giving my all to my workouts! I went prepared, made my own food and took with me where ever we went. And it really wasn't hard. It was just about being prepared! (and in case you're wondering the 21 day fix IS on sale right now, I'd love to get you hooked up!!)

We got our Hello Fresh Subscription back. I love it. You can get $40 off with my code above!!

We had a suite at the baseball game, and I had salad and only half of a cookie. That's a huge win in my book saying no to all those yummy stadium foods!

Breakfast on the go!
Ok so what came from that?!  In the last two weeks I lost 4.2 lbs. I really have a goal of being in the 160s by the time we leave for Cancun in three weeks. At this pace I think I can hit it! 
If you're wanting to add something in for added accountability, let me know! I have THREE spots open for my first ever exclusive challenge group where we'll be doing weekly weigh-ins and have a points based prize system! My three spots are only available to customers with new challenge pack purchases but I think it's going to be amazing with the added accountability!!! You can email me for more info on that!

Ok so what else did we do this week? Well I wish I had more pictures but when we were out at the lake I left my phone inside and just enjoyed our time. I'll share the pictures that I did take though!

Hudson got home on Monday after being in California for a week with G-Pa and CJ. I missed him so much while he was gone!
 We spent lots of time at the lake, when it wasn't raining.
 We had a suite at the baseball game. Loved this pic of my boys.
We went tubing and swimming and shopping and saw a movie. And I don't have pictures of any of that...

Family left on Friday so we decided to spend Saturday and Sunday at home as a family. Jordan and Hank ended up staying with us some of the weekend too so it was good to have time with them also.

Saturday we took the boys bowling and they had pizza, and again I came prepare with my shake, veggies/hummus and an apple. We had a blast with them! They're finally at such a fun age to take to do things like this!

And yesterday, My favorite thing about Sundays is sitting down with the boys and doing a bible lesson. This morning in our "home Sunday school" we learned all about God's beautiful creation and we decided to incorporate a project. I've wanted a vegetable garden for forever but in something raised to keep my dog out AND the boys started building this huge crater last summer and it's become quite dangerous so today we fixed both problems. Just laid some grass seed and very happy with how it turned out.

That's all for now! I'll be back with my Vegan update and Tasty Tuesday tomorrow!! Have a Blessed Monday friends! 


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