Glamping. Weekend in Review.

Confession time.

I have never been camping. Minus one night with my friend and her family as a teenager. I don't camp. I am thankful my parents never subjected me to such torture and instead took me to the beach... but I digress.

Enter my husband and having two boys. Apparently little boys NEED to go camping. So when I found out that our friends, with camping experience, were going camping last weekend, and invited us, I obliged.
We left when Bryan got off of work on Friday afternoon. Packed up the whole house, the kids, the dogs and the kitchen sink and headed out to a camp ground about 40 minutes from where we live.

... except when we got there, our friends who had gone and set up tents earlier that morning, found out that they were told incorrectly and the spots were reserved, leaving us, camping spot less, at 5 PM on Friday, the first really nice weekend of the summer.... yeah....

We drove back to the nearest gas station to come up with a plan B. Our friends happened to run into mutual friends at said gas station, told them our story, and then offered to let us stay at their 5 bedroom, recently renovated lake house like five minutes away. 

I couldn't have planned this better.

So our camping adventure turned into a weekend at a really sweet lake house with our friends. We enjoyed every minute of it! 
Lots of sunshine, good fun, yummy food and good chats around the fire pit after we finally got the gang to bed late at night! So I'd say our first camping experience was a success! ;)

Hope you had as good of a weekend as I did! Happy Monday! 


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