Bahamas Baby! Part 1.

Bryan surprised me a few months ago with a trip to the beach this summer to celebrate my 30th birthday a little early (I turn 30 in September). Hudson and Rhett stayed with Tony and CJ (and Emma) in Joplin while we were gone. It's the longest we've been away from Rhett, and they both did amazing and had so much fun.

The week leading up to our trip was a bit crazy, we had a few moments of uncertainty if we were going to be able to go, but it all worked out and we ended up at Sandals Royal Bahamian in Nassau, Bahamas for 6 glorious days and 5 glorious nights.
We stayed in the Royal Village which was a portion that was made up of little houses and private pools back in the jungle part. It was SO quiet and nice. The suite that we had was amazing.
Our house in the royal village. Made up for 4 suites. Ours was upstairs and we had a private balcony and private pool to our house and the one across from it.
Because we had to change our trip last minute we didn't do as much research as I would have liked, but we ended up LOVING sandals and really didn't have any complaints. It was SO hot when we got there and had to kill about 2 hours while we waited on our room to be ready, but everyone there treats you like royalty and there are plenty of restaurants and places to hang out.

We had dinner at Stewfish (on Sandal's private island) the first night. It was fun and really yummy.
Then we did a lot of hanging out at the beach and reading. I read 5 books while we were there. I love to read but never make the time when I am home and when I do read it's all personal development stuff. While we were in the Bahamas I read for fun, murder mysteries, my favorite.
There are two big pools at Sandals. One is a party pool with loud music and lots of drunk people playing games. It was great for people watching, but for the little amount of time we spent at the big pools we hung out at the "quiet" pool. I honestly spent a lot more time at the pool right by our room while Bryan napped. I snapped the photo below one day while Bryan was chatting with the bar tender. I love how relaxed and carefree he got to be while we were there. Maybe my favorite part.

This is our private pool and jacuzzi. It was never crowded. Honestly it was never crowded anywhere, which was a pleasant surprise since the resort was completely full the week we were there.
We made friends with a couple from Philly the third night we were there at the japanese steak house, they were also in the royal village across the way from us and shared the same private pool. We ended up hanging out with them and eating dinner with them one night, it was fun to make new friends.

More than anything, I just loved the time with my hubs. Nothing compares. We went sailing and snorkeling and had adventures and also just rested. It was magnificent.

That's all for today. Back with part two soon! 


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