Summer Bootcamp!

So it's been a little bit since I've posted about groups and fitness things I have coming up so before I do my Bahamas Part 2 Post, I wanted to share a little bit about the groups I have starting in July in case anyone was interested. Here is a little bit about what it entails:

We've got a sneak peek into challenge groups happening at the end of the week before this Bootcamp starts. No commitment or pressure at all, but if you're wondering what we do in these "challenge groups" that I am always talking about I'd love to add you to our group. You can message me on FB or email me for more info on how to join! This Summer Bootcamp we'll be offering a Whole30/21 day fix option, you don't HAVE to do that, but it is something we've been asked about before and wanted to go ahead and offer. We have never ever run a group like this before, its going to be amazing. I am also doing a glimpse into coaching group at the end of the week, all on fb, also no commitment. You can just pop in to see what its all about. You can email me about that one too! :)

And... an update in my personal journey. I'm kind of at an in between place right now. I am following the 21 day fix meal plan and doing some different workouts (testing some new stuff out) and feeling really good. My husband started FocusT25 last week and is sticking to it and I am hoping to have some awesome results of his to share with you soon. I'm proud of myself and the progress I've made these last two years. I started this in hopes to lose weight, but what I've found is so much more, the weight loss is just an added bonus. I feel better, have tons more confidence and just feel like a totally new person. I was happy then. I was a great mom and wife then. But I FEEL better about myself now. And that's priceless.

Which also leads me to....
I've got something SO fun I can't wait to share with you! If you love country music and line dancing, this IS for you! Stay tuned.... 


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