What We've Been Up to...

Oh my goodness, I have been HORRIBLE at blogging this summer. Between having the boys home, trips and working I haven't had a spare moment to think!! So I thought I'd come today with a post about a little about what we've been up to these last few weeks! It's been a lot of swimming and just hanging out so nothing too exciting at all.

Bryan's birthday was a few weeks ago. We went out to dinner and to hang out with our friends to celebrate and had a super fun night!

We've spent some time at the splash park and then at the pool with our friends. Its been SO hot these last few weeks that if we're outside at all it has to be in water!

Last Friday I took the boys to a movie and then my parents took them to a ball game so we got an improptu date night! It was fab!

 The boys and I went to see Secret life of pets. It was cute and they really enjoyed it.

Kindergarten is knocking on our door. Hudson starts in a few weeks. His uniforms and books all came in this week, and I think because we are doing part time school, part time homeschool I am a lot less sad than I would be, and he is SO excited.

We've been playing outside and riding bikes but we get super sweaty and have to have popsicles. This is what summer nights are supposed to look like, right?
This last weekend I had a wedding shower for one of my closest childhood friends and then Rhett had a birthday party fora friend of his at Chuckecheese, last night we had our big Narrative collective and it was great getting to see everyone! 

And thats really it. I promise I'll be better about blogging again soon. Ready to get back into routine but really enjoying these summer days with my boys! I leave Wednesday for BeachBody's Summit in Nashville, and I am SO excited. I'll be back tomorrow with info on our newest program, Country Heat, which releases WEDNESDAY!

Happy Monday Loves!


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