End Of Summer!

The end of summer is quickly approaching and this is the first time that Bryan and I have said to each other multiple times that this has been the most fun summer with the boys because they're big enough to take and do things and we don't have to stick to such a strict schedule. They're full of energy and our summer has been full of playdates and fun times with family and friends.

I'm also gearing up to start homeschooling part time next week. On sundays we all sit down and do our lesson together and its given me a glimpse into what homeschooling is going to look like. Our school has really prepared us and I am really looking forward to this extra (and intentional) time with my boys.

We tried on Hudson's uniform and my heart broke and burst at the same time. I can't believe he's old enough to be going to kindergarten (and turns six in ONE month). He looks so handsome and I am so proud of him. He's really ready for school and I know he'll do great.  I've talked about this before but he's going to a classical Christian academy where he'll be in the classroom two days a week and then we will homeschool the other three days. I think its going to be the perfect model for our family.

My heart outside of my body. I never knew how much love I could have for these boys.

We celebrated Aunt Doe's birthday a few weeks ago. It was a rough week because we also found out that Jordan's Baby Lucy, who is due in October will need heart surgery after she's born. Jordan's been blogging about that journey, you can check it out here but we really covet your prayers during this time.

So besides all of that... we will be soaking up the last few days of summer in the Arkansas heat. Ready to get back into a routine and see what our "new" normal is with Hudson's school stuff! 

Happy Wednesday!!


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