Hudson goes to Kindergarten!

We had a fun weekend before we all had to get back into the routine of school and all that jazz. We took an impromptu trip to Branson and bought Bryan and the boys some new clothes. We also ate at one of my favorite restaurants (Landry's) and rode a ginormous ferris wheel. The boys did great and we had a really fun day. The weather has been much cooler the last few days. Sunday after Narrative Bryan went jeeping and I took the boys out to my parents house to spend the last day of summer at the lake!

I still really can't believe that I am old enough to have a kindergartener! No one in my house slept well last night, Hudson was up asking if it was time for school at 3:30 AM... and I may have just been little nervous in anticipation for today! He did so great at school drop off. I did pretty good too, I did lose it when he started to ask us not to leave and a few times while his teacher was talking. But I mainly managed to keep it together until after we left the class room.

Since Hudson's been at school, Rhett and I went to test drive cars (trying to decide which bigger family vehicle we want leaning towards an Odyssey), went to pick up a prescription, came home and I got dinner in the crock pot (chuck roast with veggies) and made cookies for Hudson for after school. Rhett's napping and I'm about to fold laundry before we pick up big brother. I can't wait to hear all about his first day!!! And I am super excited for our first homeschool day tomorrow!!! 
Happy Monday to you! 


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