Fashion Show! Fashion Show! Fashion Show at Lunch!

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by ProFlowers about a campaign they were running with some bloggers about some new bouquets this month.

I love Flowers. I love Fashion. So of course I said YES!

They asked me to help draw some style inspiration from the Fuchsia Fun bouquet and I had a blast doing so! I wanted to do an outfit for several different occasions!

I have three weddings to attend in October. My mom bought me this maternity dress from Ann Taylor Loft and I think it will be perfect for one of the weddings when it's not too cool out! 

I do a lot of running around and school volunteering. This is a perfect every day outfit! 
I am secretly (ok not so secretly) pining away for fall. And I love this ensemble. I'm ready to break out my boots too!
And this is another great every day outfit in that hot fuchsia that I love.

And sometimes you have to make sure your lipstick matches too! duh!
(this is Marc Jacobs "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang")

I've loved having these pretties on my counter this week! And I love my new outfit ideas!

Thanks for the fun flowers and inspiration ProFlowers! Please go check out the new ProFlowers Celebrate Color bouquets as a part of our ‘Color Me Pretty’ initiative, and Color Yourself Pretty this fall!

(Bonus points if you can comment with where I got the title of this post... and GO!)


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