Hudson's Birthday In Review!

Hudson had a GREAT 6th birthday! And we had a super weekend, but it WORE. ME. OUT.

We got Hudson this legendary master Yoda for this birthday, he wanted it last year for Christmas when it was $200, and I saw it on clearance for $45 last month and decided it would be a fun gift for him! Paid off for being a little patient. He was SO excited.

Friday night we went to watch the Naturals (our local minor league baseball team) in the playoffs. Hudson LOVES going to the Naturals game with my parents, he's gone weekly almost all summer, and he was really excited that they made the playoffs so we could go  on his birthday! He even got up on the big screen for his birthday!

Saturday we had his birthday party at the lake house.  It was rainy and cool in the morning and I was a little worried about it being nice enough to swim but it warmed up and ended up being PERFECT weather for a lake birthday party. We just invited his two best friends and their families, who happen to be our close friends too, and it was seriously the best birthday party every. No stress, just fun and lots of playing and we wore those kids out!!

My friend Robin always makes cookies for the boy's birthdays (if you're local you can find her on IG here) and we tried out a new bakery for his cake (Wow Bakery) and were SO pleased with both!

 We did pizza and chips outside with the cake and cookies! Low key and easy! Just how I like it!
All the kids eating out by the fire pit! They seriously had a blast! This is the only picture that I took of the party, thankfully CJ took some and sent them to me. I was too busy having fun!

And thankfully Katy took this Selfie ;) bestie for the win
Then on Sunday we had Narrative and then went to Hudson's friend Ethan's birthday party at Chuck-e-Cheese! I am telling you we PARTIED this weekend! ;)

It was a great weekend but I am still recovering! Happy Wednesday! 


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