Ice Cream and Christmas PJs! Our Week in Review!

Oh the weather this week has just been absolutely fabulous. Rhett and I celebrated by getting ice cream downtown after school on Monday. This boy is an absolute joy.

Tuesday again, the weather was perfect. We did our home school and then took a picnic to our neighborhood park.

 Tuesday I found Rhett napping like this... it cracked me up.
Tuesday night Rhett and I went with Bryan and Hudson to Hudson's flag football practice. It was actually a little cold on our drive home with the top and doors off of the jeep.

Wednesday while the boys were at school I ran some errands and accidentally bought some baby clothes for Sawyer.

Thursday Bryan and I took Hudson to my Ultrasound to see Baby Sawyer. Tony came to stay with Rhett and then took the boys to chicfila when we got home so I had a few hours of peace and quiet.

This morning we got to do some Christmas pictures with my friend Katie. I know that sounds really strange to be saying in September but when your photog friends needs cute models, you buy Christmas Jammies in September and go! Also, it is a lot harder than you realize to find Christmas Pjs in September at short notice! But Kohls was a win!
And finally I've worked out a few times again this week and a few of my pregnant coach friends and I opened up a completely free pregnancy and postpartum group on facebook! If you're pregnant or recently delivered I'd love to invite you to join us! You can email me for info--

One of my best friends from childhood is getting married tomorrow. Hudson and I are both in the wedding so we are gearing up for a BIG weekend!! Pictures to follow!

Happy Friday!


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