Labor Day Weekend In Review!

Friday was my birthday and we kicked off the weekend with a bang! My mom and aunt took me out to lunch and then we did a little Sephora shopping. Friday night Bryan set up a dinner with some of our friends so we went to eat at PF Changs and then to hang out at a local brewery.  It was such a fun way to spend my 30th birthday!

Love these friends of mine! They spoiled me with flowers and presents! 
Saturday morning Hudson had his first flag football game. We are letting him try several different sports to figure out what he likes, so this has been a fun and new adventure. Pictured below is Hudson and his best friend, Ethan. They've been buddies since they were babies and even though they're in different schools this year they love getting to see each other twice a week at football. They both turn 6 this week, and I just can't believe it!
Then we spent the rest of the weekend at the lake house. All of my family was here for Labor day so we did a lot of swimming, tubing and eating. It was fun to catch up with family. And I took like no pictures. Sunday night we went to see the Arkansas Naturals (our minor league team) and it was a perfect night with amazing weather and a GREAT game! 

Yesterday I started 3 week yoga retreat with my Health Bet Challenge group.  It's a new program on Beachbody on Demand, and since I've basically taken the last three months off I figured it was a good place to start and I am SO sore today! I also started drinking Shakeology again after not drinking it. There was an ingredient I wasn't sure about for first trimester but after I chatted with my doctor last week she okay'd it. Glad to have it back in my life!

And then we went back out to the lake. I'm not complaining about how I spent my birthday weekend at all. It was pretty great.

And now this weekend a whole weekend of celebrating my big boy! I can't believe he's almost SIX!


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