Pregnancy Fitness... and what's to come!

This is my first "fit" pregnancy. And it hasn't been very fit so far, so I am using that term VERY loosely. But that is changing!

My husband somehow got motivated this last week, and its made me motivated. So the last two days I've lifted weights, stuck to my containers and I am feeling SO sore. It's only taken 17 weeks to feel somewhat like myself again.

BeachBody on Demand has an active maternity program. There are workouts for every trimester. And they're with my favorite trainer Autumn Calabrese from 21 day fix. I did that yesterday and decided that it felt so good to lift weights that I was ready to start Hammer and Chisel again. I've been on a Heart Rate restriction, and really I've just taken that to mean that its ok to just sit on my butt and not workout. But those days are over! Just because my tummy is growing doesn't mean I can't keep my legs and arms toned, right?!

Which brings me to the reason for this post. This is a TOUGH time of year for everyone. A time where we're all busy with football, soccer, making lunches, school pick up, some of us homeschool... and we let ourselves as mamas slip. But I am saying NO. I'm going to keep working out at least 4-5x a week and I am going to keep making healthier choices.

I have opened up a Back to School, Back to Fitness group that's starting next week. You pick your program and join us to keep ourselves sane this fall! Like I said, I'll be doing Hammer and Chisel with some yoga added in... I have people doing Country Heat, 21 day fix, PiYo, 22 Min Hard Corps... and more... and even better-- they're all on sale right now! Woot!

If you feel like you need something like this-- motivation, accountability, healthy recipes, tips, tricks, etc. I would love to chat and send you more info. You can email me at

I can guarantee that I won't be perfect. But I will be present and I will help keep you accountable. 
You'll see this pregnant girl doing push ups and jumping jacks and snacking on weird stuff.
I want this to be a FIT pregnancy, not loosely fit, but FIT. Won't you join me?

Happy Tuesday!!


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