My baby boy turns SIX today! How is this possible?!


It seems like just yesterday that I saw those two pink lines and about keeled over. I wasn't ready, I wasn't prepared, we were too young (At 24 and 25... ha), I had no idea how to be a mom. But God knew. God knew the next few years were going to be full of trials and tribulation and He knew that we needed you to be our ray of sunshine on the dark dark days.

We love watching you grow up. You are passionate and kind. You love people. You are sensitive and a planner and very type A. You definitely fit the first child mold. You're a lot like me and that's good in a lot of ways but also really scary to be raising someone with your same quirks. You thrive on a schedule and consistency. You are a loyal friend and brother. You try REALLY hard to keep Rhett out of trouble. You're a great big brother and Rhett looks up to you and wants to do everything that you do.

You have a passion for people and for making Jesus known. I've loved seeing how secure you are in that and you have NO fear in sharing the truth with others. You are so loved by so many.

You love to play Disney Infinity, Ride your bike with Daddy, Swing or play outside, swim, go fishing, go to baseball games, play Mario Kart or Lego's with Pa, Go on Adventures with G-Pa, and you love to snuggle with mommy and watch house shows.

You're around 48 lbs. I'm not sure how tall you are. You love to learn and it's been a pleasure seeing you in school and getting to home school you part time this year. We are both learning a lot.

You were absolutely born to be a life changer for the Lord. I cannot wait to see where He takes you. I love you so much, more than you'll ever know. Happy Birthday Hudson.



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