Thirty Before Thirty. The Update.

A year ago today I wrote a blog post of things that I wanted to do before I turned 30. I did a lot of them, and some of them I didn't do. I turn 30 tomorrow. So I thought I'd do a little update post.

30. Beat my last Half-Marathon time in at least one more half marathon this year.

Did this! Twice! I ran another half marathon in Tulsa, in the rain, last December, and then the Bentonville Half in April. I beat my time by a full 30 min with the spring half!

29. Learn how to drive a standard. (My husband is going to be so happy when he reads this...)

We did one or two lessons. Then Bryan traded his Standard for an Automatic. So nope.

28. Read 30 books. This was my New Year's Resolution and I haven't made it very far... so I am starting over now.

I stopped counting, but I think I did this or got close. I read 5 while we were in the Bahamas alone.  This is what I am currently reading!

27. Daily Quiet times reading my bible and praying. A sweet blog reader sent me "Jesus Calling" for my birthday so I'm going to start with that!

Hit or miss. Not daily, but a lot of days.

26. On that same note... read through the Bible this year. Finish it before I turn 30.

Also nope. New resolution for this year!

25. Fit into a size 6. I decided not to make my goal "weight" related but SIZE related. I'm comfortably in a size 10 right now. I started at a 16/18. So I think a 6 is definitely doable  and a comfortable place for me.

Nope. Spending half of the year pregnant, with the miscarriage and now with baby b3 will throw a kink in this. I did get to my lowest weight since having kids right before I got pregnant though. I was in a happy place with my body before this pregnancy and I will be again!

24. Complete Focus T25 ALL the way through. I'm not even kidding when I tell you I have less than TWO weeks left of the 15 weeks and I am OVER-IT. I'm ready to move on... but I want to power through and finish it out... so this is my commitment to you to do that!

I finished it!

23. Complete PiYo, 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme at least one round of each this year.

I did all of these this year! Plus Hammer and Chisel, Ultimate Reset and half of Insanity Max 30 before I found out I was pregnant.

22. Help TWO people a week start working towards their fitness goals. Lots of ways I can do this. Any of my challenge groups (including free ones) or just emails back and forth!

Also I didn't keep track of this, but it was probably close!

21. Monthly girls nights with my friends. I love seeing my friends, just need to make it more of a priority.

Yep did this! I have girls nights with two sets of friends! One of which meets monthly. I have made new friends through this group and it's become one of my favorite nights of the month!

20. Saying "YES" more to my boys when they ask for little things. I've written about this before but this is one that's important to me.

I've tried with this. So I am going to go with a yes here!

19. Overnight girls trip with my mom. Without kids. Making this happen ASAP.

We did this! Last October to see Wicked in Kansas City. It was AWESOME.

18. Learn how to Periscope. Do y'all have Periscope? I have it but haven't done one yet! Eeek!

Nope, Periscope didn't take off like they thought. But now there is facebook live video and I've been doing some of that!

17. Go on a weekend trip with my husband without kids! I CANNOT WAIT TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

Or a week to the bahamas. Yay. Done and Done.

16. Take my BeachBody leaders to the Beach (it's already on the books!)

Did this in February! Got to meet so many of my girls in person this last year!

15. Go to BeachBody Summit 2016. So important in BB world. Cannot wait.

Yep! Went in July and got to walk the stage! It was amazing.

14. Hit 1000 coaches on my BeachBody team. Right now there are 216 in my downline. I'd love to hit 1000! I love my team and love seeing it grow! I have several amazing leaders that I know are going to do HUGE things.

Not quite there yet. Getting closer!

13. Blog more about happenings with the boys... and have my blog made into books for them! Especially their baby posts!

Hmm... my blogging hasn't been the best. Need to remedy this!

12. Give, Serve or Love in a way that "pushes" me at least once a month. Maybe it's doing a random act of kindness or paying it forward, or maybe it's volunteering somewhere. But once a month I want to do this.

Yes, I think I've doing this.

11. Be consistent with being at church. We go about 50% of the time but we need to be more consistent with being there! I want to bump that up to 90% of the time!

We changed churches right after this post last year. We try to be there every week, I think our consistency has been much better.

10. Stick to our monthly budget. Again, enough said.

We did REALLY good on this for like 6 months, fell off the wagon, and just got back on!

9. Stay organized in my business. This is something I've been really working on lately and I am finally starting to see the benefits of it! It's SO nice to be organized.

Yes and No. I set up my LLC this year and have taxes under control now, but I still could be more organized.

8. Complete a Whole90. Like Whole30, but for 90 days. Yikes!

Didn't do this. But I did eat mostly Vegan/Vegetarian for 3 months, before finding out I was pregnant, so I am calling this a win too!

7. Finish out patio/back yard remodel. There's lot of stuff we've done out there and lots of stuff we still want to do. Priority one is getting rid of our permanent resident before he takes residence in our house. We have a little mouse-y friend living on our patio that can eat all of the food off traps without setting it off... we're going to get it, TONIGHT. But then there's some other more fun stuff we want to do out there too.

Got rid of the mouse. We've done a lot out there, including getting the boys a new playset this spring, but it's not "done" yet.

6. Build a "nice" savings account. Nothing more needs to be said here I don't think.

Working on this!

5. Pay off ALL debt other than our house. We've got some student loan debt and debt for Bryan's Jeep that I'd love to get paid off in the next year. So making this a priority!

Working on this too! We are SO close. I think we will be done in the next 6 months now that we are back on track.

4. Buy My Dream Car. 

This didn't exactly happen like we wanted. We are in need of a bigger car so we traded my little car for a gently used Honda Odyssey a few weeks ago. I am in love but definitely not the dream car I was thinking a year ago! ha!!

3. 10 Star Diamond Coach! This is a LOFTY goal. My goal for the end of the year is 4 Star. But I am saying it and putting it out there NOW that by my 30th birthday I want to hit 10 Star. I am currently a 1 Star. I have a lot of work to do!

Still a 1 star. It's been an interesting year. So no on this one.

2. Two Date Night's a month with Bryan. Either specific "unplugged" date night's at home or out! Either way--- making this a HUGE priority!

We try to take a date night once a month at least. We have done some unplugged nights which are great, but we could do better here for sure.

1. Cherish and Enjoy every day with my boys. My big boy and my little boys. There is nothing like time, unplugged, enjoying my family. I know when I am looking back on my goals next year I'll want to have something to be able to measure... so something Bryan and I are talking about is a "big" vacation for us and maybe the boys so I hope by my 30th birthday if we haven't BEEN on this vacation yet, it's getting close!

Bryan and I got to take our trip to the Bahamas and my 29th year has been one of huge personal transition for me, and our whole family. We joined a "sort of" church plant with our friends doing home churches and reaching out to our community. I started part time homeschooling and teaching our boys at home. I've been a lot more intentional with my time with them. Every day isn't easy, any parent knows that, but I definitely feel like we've been more intentional with the boys this year. We want to take the boys on a little vacation before the baby comes. 

It's been an interesting year with ups and downs. Lots of traveling, and lots of hugs and kisses and sticky fingers. With the loss of life of our sweet baby in March, and then the surprise of life with this baby in June, the Lord has continued to show us that His plan for our lives plays out in ways we would never be able to see. I'm not sure how I pictured my life at 30. Yesterday while telling someone that I was pregnant they said "Oh First baby?" And I laughed and said, "No, Third" and this person said they didn't think I looked old enough to have three kids. And I said it, "I turn 30 on Friday." My kids are almost 6 and 3 1/2 and I can't wait to hold this little blessing when he makes his appearance in Jan/Feb. I've spent over half of my life now loving the same boy and have been married to him for almost 8 years now. I am honored to be living this life, and I am learning not to take a day for granted. I am a blessed girl to now have FOUR boys love me so much and I have been working hard on finding my worth in the Lord.

So Hello 30 .
(tomorrow, I have a FEW more hours! ha!)

 I am welcoming you. I am happy to be here. Now lots of things to do before I hit 31! 


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