A Fairy Tale Princess Wedding!

This weekend I got the honor to stand with one of my dear friends on her wedding day. Sarah and I have known each other literally our whole lives. She was like a little sister to me growing up so I was honored to be able to spend the weekend celebrating her. Hudson was the ring bearer so it was really like a family affair!

Friday night we had rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner at one of my favorite restaurants downtown. Hudson gave the most hilarious toast-- aka ghost story-- to kick the night off.

Saturday my day started bright and early with a bridal brunch AT my very favorite restaurant- Table Mesa. It was so yummy!
 They even got a snap chat filter for the day! How awesome is that!!!

Me and another lifelong friend, who was also a bridesmaid, Krista.
 Me and the Bride at Brunch!
Then we went to a day spa in town and got our hair done. I loved how mine turned out! Then we headed back to the church to eat again (made this pregnant girl very happy) and put our faces and clothes on.

 We got to ride in a limo to take pictures at a local park. Hudson LOVED it.
 Hudson and Cedrick, the groom. I love how this picture turned out.
 Me and Krista about to walk down the aisle!
 My loves at the reception!
 Krista's husband was sick and didn't get to come to the rehearsal and my parents got a call to take my grandpa to the ER RIGHT before the wedding (he is ok now)... so Hudson ended up being Krista's date.
 Me and my love 
Hudson legit danced the night away. It was hilarious and he was the life of the party. The reception was SO much fun!!! And that's all the pictures I took of the night. I've been trying to do better about keeping my phone put away and enjoying the experiences, which leaves me with less pictures... but I did swipe one more pic off of the bride's FB page- Thanks Sar.
Sarah's mom arranged a princess carriage to pick them up from the wedding and take them to the reception at sunset. It was GORGEOUS. And if you know Sarah it fits her perfectly. This was the most perfect fairy tale princess wedding I've ever seen! And she got her Prince! So happy for you Sarah and Ced!

Then yesterday I woke up with a horrible sinus infection and no voice. That's what happens when your'e 30 and pregnant and stay up WAY too late two nights in a row... so we rested all day. But now ready to tackle the week!

Happy Monday!


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