End of First Quarter "Homeschool" Update!

Like every mom who is emotional about their first born going to kindergarten, I couldn't fathom Hudson being gone 5 days a week all day long. I came to terms with the idea and was prepared to send him to public school, when God stepped in and brought someone in my path who sang the praises of a part time private/homeschool school in our area that we had considered before, but brushed off because I didn't feel equipped to homeschool... and after this coffee date with this friend... and a lot of prayer, a long application, Hudson passing the entrance exam and us passing the family interview... the rest is history... we chose this school for Hudson because it was a good fit for our family and for him specifically. I love the flexibility of our schedule and the fact that we don't have to be somewhere every day of the week. I love that I get to see Hudson learn and be a part of that process. I love that this school integrates the Bible into their learning and that prayer is incorporated in their day.

We are now 10 weeks into our new adventure. In the beginning there was definitely a learning curve, for Hudson and I both. But now we've settled into a groove and I really look forward to our homeschool days. He goes to school all day on Monday and Wednesday. His teacher is great and his class has only 15 kids which I love. I volunteer every other week and have loved getting to see him in class. On our homeschool days we try to sit down around 8 am to start our school. We have 5 subjects  (right now) and have work to do in every subject on our homeschool days (Tuesday and Thursday). Depending on what we have to do (and our attention span) we are usually done by 10. I had a picture in my mind of what homeschool would look like, I would have a room and desks and be a teacher... but for now, it works well for us to work at the kitchen table because I can keep an eye on brother and it just works for us.
Hudson loves math. He whizzes through it every day. Reading is a little tougher for us but he's doing really well. I met with his teacher yesterday for his first parent teacher conference and she was pleased with how well he was doing-- and I took that as a compliment too-- because it is a lot of work for me too! :) But it's good to know he is thriving, and exceeding in his learning, and we are loving it.

All of that to say, something different works for everyone. And I am really glad this is the route we chose and it works really well for us!


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