{EXCITING} Week in Review!

This has been a very interesting and eventful week!

My boys have been playing SO well together this week. I don't know who they even are, but I am very happy about it.

I got this new book in the mail this week. I listen to Dave Ramsey's podcast every day, so I was excited to get his daughter's new book. I started reading it this week, and have the audiobook version too so I plan on listening to it while I drive today.
 I hit 19 weeks on Monday. This pregnancy is FLYING by. I can't wait to meet my sweet boy.
Wednesday while my boys were at school I worked on putting expenses into quickbooks. ALL MORNING. Talk about a tedious job. But now it's caught up. Owning your own business is no joke, and that's one aspect I am not a huge fan of.
Wednesday afternoon is when the real craziness started. Jordan texted that she was being admitted to the hospital to monitor Lucy. We went to bed as Jordan was starting her new medicine and woke up to a phone call at 3 AM that Lucy was here and doing well!
Bryan left yesterday to go to Little Rock and I am going down there today and leaving the boys with my parents for the weekend. Bryan got to go back to the NICU and see Lucy last night and facetimed us and she is just precious and perfect. My phone is FULL of pictures of her from him and from our FaceTime, but I'm going to let Jordan post them to her blog first. ;)

You can follow me on social media to see a few though. :)

Please continue praying for Jordan and baby Lucy! She is already a miracle and doing amazing! The plan right now is for cardiology to consult on Monday so we will definitely keep you all posted!

Happy Friday!!!


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